Why You Should Consider Remodeling Your Attic

Read this post to learn why you should consider remodeling your attic! And if you are in McLean or the Washington Metropolitan Area, choose NewRay Development to help with your home remodeling needs.

Reasons why you should remodel your attic

Even the attic in a home benefits from a professional remodeling or refurbishment. A home improvement project in such a space is beneficial for a myriad of reasons. Whether you are looking to add space to your home or update a neglected area or even completely redesign this unique area, an attic improvement would be nothing short of beneficial. Here we will discuss a list of reasons why you should consider remodeling your attic. 

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More Natural Light 

A modernized attic with the best remodeling work can add wonderful natural light to a home. Imagine an attic completely redesigned to add majestic sunlight with large windows or skylights. An attic is the elevated space in a home that is free from blocked sunlight when remodeled accordingly. Recreate this space to benefit from the daylight and make a fun illuminated room with a natural glow. 

The Best Views in the Home

Remodeling an attic can give your arguably the best views in the house. From the top floor, you can have completely unblocked views of the natural scenery. A high point in a home will allow for sights of the surroundings that may include trees or lakes. Or you may just want to gaze at the sky with a more elevated perspective of the city or neighborhood. Either way, depending on your design, the attic could end up being one of the most popular rooms in the home. 

Cost-Efficient Way to Add Space

Who wouldn’t want more space in a home and in a much more affordable way than moving entirely. An attic that is redesigned is an immediate plus to the home’s adequate use of space. You can think of remodeling an attic as an extension of your home’s equitable use of the area. An additional storage room is always welcome, especially one that is designed with organization and management in mind.  

Is It Worth The Investment? 

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, the average attic remodeling does offer a 53 percent return on investment. Yet, the real value is in the increase in the home’s overall value and selling price. However, there is nearly always an automatic increase in value for a refurbished and newly-designed space in a home. While the cost of such an investment isn’t cheap, the result is more often than not worth the price when considering various options from personal use to reselling in the future. 

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An extra bedroom 

This is a homeowner’s chance to a bedroom. An additional bedroom expands your market for potential buyers. More rooms make a home highly attractive to big or growing families. Or you can make it a comfortable and cozy guest bedroom for friends or family staying for a visit. Why not make this a fun interior design project to furnish a bedroom any way you’d like to make it a much more appealing home. 

Prevent Heat Damage

This versatile area in your home needs to be maintained. Neglecting such a space vulnerable to the elements is to be avoided. The roof is susceptible to damage from heat without adequate insulation. It is recommended to have well-built barriers to protect from the sun or prevent air from escaping. An attic remodeling project is therefore required for cost-efficient use of the home. 

Minimal Requirements or Mess

This particular type of project requires far less operational costs than remodeling other areas of your home. Furthermore, the attic being on the top floor of a home means less disruption to the rest of the home. Meaning you don’t need to leave the home for long periods of time while construction is taking place which is not the case for other areas of the home. There is also much less dust or detours set up in the home and renovations happen away and out of sight. Attic remodeling projects can occur with practically no interruptions to daily life. 

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Should You Remodel Your Home?

Overall, the attic of a home may offer more than you may realize. With the best professional contractors that specialize in home areas such as the attic, you would be surprised at what you can recreate. It’s always the best idea to get input from a qualified and reputable contractor who knows exactly what is needed to utilize this space in the most efficient way possible while designing what you want.  

Reconstruction of an attic is a fantastic way to add livable space to your home. It’s even better to be able to do this without purchasing additional land or physically expanding a house. The attic is a very adaptable and flexible space open to a unique design of your choosing. This is why you should take advantage of this opportunity to remodel your attic into a beautiful and practical space for your home. 

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You should now have a better understanding of why you should consider remodeling your attic!

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