NewRay Development Contractors In McLean VA

NewRay Development contractors in McLean VA

New Ray Development – Contractors in McLean, Virginia 

New Ray Development contractors in McLean are a team of home renovation contractors with the experience and dedication to get the job done. NewRay Development is a remodeling company that can help with all your kitchen, bathroom, and residential remodeling in the McLean, Virginia area. NewRay Development is the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling company in Northern VA. Here at New Ray Development, we thrive to make your dream remodel come true. In the McLean, Virginia area, there are a few different remodeling companies. However, we want you to know who we are and why you should choose our services. 

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contractors in McLean
contractors in McLean

History of McLean, Virginia 

McLean is a town in Fairfax County. You will find it in the northern region of Virginia. You will find that a diverse group of people live in this area. Our goal is to help each person in the community have their dream remodel. Whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, or residential area. 

McLean was founded back in 1910. However, the community did not start out at that point. It was in 1902 that a French man named Jean-Pierre Guenard bought a charter for a railroad. This railroad would be under construction until 1906. This railroad only cost 1,500 dollars. Five hundred of which was raised within the local community. It was this project that helped establish this town. 

McLean, Virginia Facts 

Back in 2019, the population of this town was 47.7 thousand people. The average age of those who lived in this town was 45. Those who live in the city have a median income of 207,000 dollars a year. This area has a lot of culture. There are many different diverse people in the town as well. 

You will also find that most people who live in this town do not carpool. They will drive alone to work more often than carpooling. Those who live in the McLean area also spend an average of 26 minutes commuting to their place of employment. The average number of cars per household was two cars. 

The People Of McLean Virginia

Many wonderful people live in McLean. It is a lovely place to reside that caters to those of all ages. It is even a beautiful place for our war veterans to reside and retire. There are almost two thousand veterans living in the town. McLean has the largest population of people who served in the Vietnam war compared to any other area in the United States. 

McLean, Virginia Home Remodeling Companies 

If you need contractors in McLean VA, there are a few different remodeling companies in the area and in Fairfax County. However, there is one that you may want to pay attention to. New Ray Development is a great option. Do not let us just say that. Let our reviews and previous clients prove it to you. 

Whether you need your kitchen, bathroom, or business remodeled, New Ray Development can help you. The are top renovation contractors for kitchen remodeling in Northern VA. They will take the time to determine what route is best for your large or small remodel project. Keep in mind that no job is going to be too small or even too big for New Ray Development.

McLean renovation contractors
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About New Ray Development Of McLean VA

New Ray Development is a company located in McLean VA that can help you with your renovation projects. No project is too big or too small for New Ray Development. There are many different projects and services that are offered to our McLean residents from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to flooring installation too. 

If you need help with your roof, adding your new addition, or remodeling your bathroom; we have it all. At New Ray Development only the most experienced people are hired to become employees. The goal is to provide our customers with the best outcome possible without breaking the bank. 

Products and Brands

New Ray Development only uses the best products and the most trusted brands. Our brands are always high-quality to ensure that your remodel is up to your standards. Your dream remodel will be perfect because we want to ensure that our customers in the Fairfax County area are pleased. 

Licensing In VA And Washington DC

New Ray Development is both insured and licensed in McLean and the surrounding area and Washington DC. Our company takes pride in the work that has been done and the work that will be done. You will never see our employees starting a job until we know exactly what our Virginia residents want. The insurance and licensing allow us to work on your home without having to worry about anything goes wrong. Our employees are highly trained, and you have nothing to worry about. However, if something does happen, there is insurance and there will be no further issues. 

Free Consultations 

Many people are worried about calling a remodeling company because they do not want to have to pay for a consultation to get information on pricing and services. However, at New Ray Development, you can expect a free consultation. Our consultations will help you better understand the process and the prices. 

During a consultation you will learn about the process and how long it will take if all works smoothly. You will also learn more about product prices. This is where you can help determine various products and materials. This will help you when you decide to make final decisions. Once the consultations are done, you will be ready to start your project if everything has been discussed. 

Final Decisions

When it comes to hiring the best remodeling company in McLean, Virginia, you should always look at your options. You want to ensure that the company has complimentary reviews as well as a good portfolio. You do not want someone who has no previous work to show. You will not know what to expect when your remodel is being done. Taking the time to investigate past work and references is essential. It is also essential to take all reviews into consideration. Just keep in mind that some instances people are going to leave reviews that are not always positive. This is not always due to the company fault. Just be sure to read several reviews and websites before making a final decision.

Wrapping Up: NewRay Development Contractors In McLean VA

New Ray Development is here for all your renovation or remodeling needs. If you need contractors in McLean, NewRay Development is the company to call.

Taking the time to determine what our clients in McLean, Virginia want is important. We want to give our clients nothing but the best. If you need help with a remodeling project, feel free to contact us to set up an appointment for a consultation. Our phone number is 844-488-8555. You may also visit our website at 

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