Roofing Replacement and installation:


A roof can be a major component to your home that does require ongoing maintenance. A roof in great condition can lead to excellent insulation for your house, can protect you from the elements and more. As a roof begins to miss out on shingles, experience leaks or require maintenance there is always a chance that your roof could become a detriment for your home. Roofing replacement and installation is a requirement for most homes of a certain age. 

With the assistance of NewRay Remodeling & Construction, we can provide specialized care when it comes to roofing replacement and maintenance. If you are starting to see the signs of wear like missing shingles, pooling water or even discoloration, contact us immediately and we can make suggestions that will suit the style of roof that you have. 

For roofing replacements and installation we can also provide recommendations when it comes to the installation of metal shingles, new roofing materials and more. As your roof begins to grow outdated we can make the process of remodeling and replacement easier than with any other contractor. We handle the process of cleanup, teardown and replacement on a wide range of roofing styles. 

The roofing contractors we have available at NewRay Remodeling & Construction in Virginia have construction experience with a background in roofing. We can make sure that any of the products that we use will be designed to last with your roofing design. We can deliver a superior service and at a competitive price. 

When it is time to get your roof redone or if you have a new building project that requires professional roofers, contact our staff today for a consultation. We can provide a free quote and inspection for your roof before we begin the process of construction and remodelling.