Basement Remodeling

 Basement Remodeling

Basement areas are commonly some of the most overlooked areas in your entire home. If you have your basement mostly filled up with extra furniture, Christmas decorations and other items, you may want to consider the full potential of your home so that you can access an extra living space from a basement remodel. 

A complete basement refinishing or basement remodeling can be one of the easiest ways to unlock extra square footage and enjoy more of your living space. With the help of New Ray Developments, we can make the process of basement remodeling simple. 

We can use some of the best new materials on the market to ensure that your extra space could be turned into a spare bedroom, a full apartment or even a kids playroom within your basement. People take inspiration for their basement remodeling in a variety of sources. There are plenty of options available with the basement that properly insulated, lit and ready for use as a fully finished space. 

Basement remodeling efforts can also add a tremendous amount of value for your home. A basement remodeling is often one of the best ways that you can add more usable square footage which can lead to a better bottom line. If you're looking to sell your home in the next couple years or you simply need access to plenty of extra space, this is one of the best renovations that you can take on in Virginia. 

Our engineering and design team can take a look at your current basement set up and determine the best way that we can improve the look of your home and design a basement renovation that will be up to code and to your liking for the right style.  If you have been looking for basement remodeling specialists, contact New Ray Remodeling & Construction today to learn more about the process of basement remodelling today.