Second story additions:

Second story

If you have moved into a side split or a bungalow style house, you may find yourself constantly competing for brand-new space inside your home. Adding a whole new level to the top of your home might sound like an extremely drastic construction project. In northern Virginia, the process of adding a second story addition can actually be a great way that you can add new square footage to your entire home. 

A second story addition from New Ray development is one of the easiest ways that you can have extra floor space in an area where you might not be able to expand outwardly with your home. In residential areas where lot space is limited, you should consider the use of second-story additions so that you can add value to your home or even resist the chance to move. 

Whether your family is expanding or you are inviting some of your family members to move back in. Adding a second story addition can give you access to expand your space and in a way that will not compromise your lot size. 

Our construction and remodeling experts have the resources as well as years of experience to design second-story additions that are absolutely flawless for your home. We will acquire all of the applicable permits, perform the initial construction to raise the roof on your home and make sure every second-story addition is completed to code. 

Rather than having to upgrade your home and move from an area that you love, we can help you expand your space and get a natural looking second-story addition that suits the architecture of your home. These can be valuable projects for your property and with our assistance, we can make sure that you can get a reasonable and efficient second-story built for your property.