Garage additions and remodeling


If you have a new driver in the family or it's time to expand your garage space, it could be time to consider the idea of a garage addition. When your garage space starts to hold a few extra knickknacks or it's time for better organization, expanding your garage can actually be beneficial to improving your property value and ease of use. 

Some older homes in Virginia often come with smaller garages. With a few vehicles available for your home, you may not be able to get by with just a single car garage anymore. With our help, we can design the garage expansion that could take your garage to a two-car or even 4 car setup. We can also add in new room for storage space, attacks, cupboards and more. 

Some people in Virginia also do not use their garage for traditional methods. If you would like to expand your garage to include a new home gym, art rooms, extra storage space or a variety of other items, we can help you to convert your space and get the extra area that you need for improvements. 

Our remodelling and garage addition specialists can make the process of expanding your garage easy. Through our expertise we will gather all of the applicable permits, design your garage in blueprints, gather the ideal materials and then perform work for your garage addition. 

You can schedule a free consultation today to get garage additions and remodeling that will improve your functional storage space. We want to help you have enough room for your vehicles and your lifestyle. If you got a cluttered garage it could be time to call the experts at New Ray Developments to help you access the garage storage space you need!