With our bathroom remodeling services you can get access to a completely new look for the bathrooms in your home. We can even build bathroom installations from scratch if you have a rough in or an area in the basement of your home that you would like to expand into a full bath or half bath. 

We can quite easily install a variety of touches including vanity cabinets, tile, bathtubs, new plumbing fixtures, demolition, installation and rough in and more. If you are seeking a plumbing services, electrical services were complete revitalization of your bathroom our staff is here to help and with support solutions that can help you get a custom look for any sized bathroom. 

Whether you are interested in getting a bathroom remodeling service that can help you unlock more floor space, or an area where you can have a large tub or shower installation, we can help with improving your bathroom area using fixtures that will add value to your home or office. 

We can solve a number of storage issues inside your bathroom as well as help with the process of giving you more space throughout your bathroom and home. With regal upgrades to the tiles and countertops, new bath lights, shower fixtures and more you can enjoy a home that is finally in a configuration that you may want. Glass showers, mirrors, paintings and plumbing fixtures can all be added in to customize your bathroom space. 

If you would like to learn more about bathroom remodeling services with our company please contact us today. Keep in mind that we are fully licensed, bonded and insured and this can give our customers extra peace of mind with their bathroom remodeling services. Contact New Ray development today for a quote on our services!