Hardwood floor remains a luxurious choice throughout your home for the kitchen or the bathroom. High quality hardwood flooring it's crafted using some of the latest in technology can bring about a classic style to your home while offering extremely durable flooring options for your needs. We can offer products that can range from a traditional and rustic Hardwood options all the way to modern engineered hardwood that can come in some beautiful finishes you may not have seen before. 

We work with many major hardwood manufacturers including Armstrong, Bruce and Zickgraf to name just a few. We can help you to get some of the most affordable prices on Hardwood installations and help to source the best hardwood products thatwill suit your home directly. 

We want to make sure that any Hardwood installation process is done with the best in support from a company that has been installing hardwood floors over generations. We can make sure that the process of installing your hardwood can be done hasslefree and make sure that all of the waste can be easily removed as well. 

Our hardwood installations come with guarantees preventing problems with the finish and the option for us to come in and make replacements should there be any issues with your installation. 

Hardwood represents a very warm and extremely durable option for any home in the kitchen or bathroom. If you would like expertly installed hardwood flooring throughout your home, you should consider contacting New Ray Development today. With our experience in the industry we can significantly add new value to your home through the use of hardwood installations.

Contact us today and we can begin picking the finishes that are ideal for you and the colors that work best with your décor.