Countertop installation

New Ray Development specializes in the process of countertop installation services throughout Virginia and the surrounding area. We can offer a wide range of countertop installations that can suit the needs of your property and each one is available from experienced installers that can put it in with precision. Some of the top types of countertop installation that we perform at New Ray include:

Granite: We have a wide range of granite options available including items that can be customized with edging as well as tiling that can enhance your kitchen with backsplashes and new flooring. Granite can give a luxurious look for your home at a very reasonable price and strength. 

Marble: Marble options in natural stone can reflect the character of your residence. You could also consider putting natural stone for marble in bathroom vanities, tile flooring, the fireplace, tubs and more. 

Silestone countertops: Silestone is a service that is ideally suited to kitchen countertops and it is perfect for versatile configurations. 

Caesarstone: This is a natural countertop that is produced using natural quartz and a variety of other materials. These countertops can fill and create the best combination of function and form. 

Cambria: Cambria is a stone surface that's extremely practical and elegant. This is one of the safest surfaces for food preparation and for getting a beautiful stone that is also practical and elegant. 

If you are looking at installing countertops inside your home to add new value to your property, we can help you today. Through the help of our countertop installation services you can add new value to your home with a safe and efficient service. 

Contact us today to learn more about countertop installation services for your property.