Frequently Asked Questions - NRD


Creating a budget and sticking to that budget is important with any type of renovation project. When working with our professional designers, we will always work within your budget that you outline with us. We do not offer financing options directly through our company but many of our clients take out home equity loans, personal loans and more to pay for our services and get the products they want.

Kitchens can often grow into more expensive renovations because of the cost of cabinetry, flooring, New sinks and countertops. To really enhance the look of the kitchen and get modern/ durable materials for it, it's likely that you will have to invest a bit more money.

We will complete a series of detailed and written estimates as well as the full specifications of the project in a detailed quote for you. There are then a number of signed contracts to make with the professionals that may be included in your job. We can recommend a number of individuals for plumbing and auxiliary services that are bonded and insured. Making additions to the project after the contract has been signed will require a change order that will also need to be signed. If there are no changes to be made the work will progress shortly after the contract is signed and the homeowner will be able to sign off on the project when it's completed.

Granite and natural stone have become a very popular item for installation inside the home. Granite is an igneous rock that is extremely pressurized and it comes with advantages in durability as well as its ability to withstand temperatures. It's quite effective in the kitchen and more resilient than other natural stone on the market.

Contact us should you have any other questions about the products that we offer or our renovation services.