Bath remodeling: Designing the ultimate in luxury baths


Modern bathrooms they are taking on an entirely new functional role for most homeowners. With many people leaving more stressful lives the idea of a modern bathroom that can be a spa or retreat within a home can be a breath of fresh air for many homeowners.

Today's modern-day bathroom is more of a retreat or spot and it incorporates technology, luxury and a greater use of storage than ever before. Trends are suggesting that many homeowners are seeing the need to redo their bathroom into lavish spaces. Getting modern bathroom installations in Fairfax could be the best solution for designing your home.

Some of the most important aspects of bathroom remodeling today can include:

Improving lighting: whether you're planning on reading in the bath or getting ready every day with your makeup and beauty routine, good lighting can make an impact on your bathroom. Being in your best possible lighting can also help you to feel more energized which is increasingly more helpful first thing in the morning.

Showers and tubs: People are interested in spaces where they can really relax and reflect inside their bathroom. With the quality shower stall or showerhead it is possible to relax even more in your own home. A good soaker tub or jet tub can be a fantastic way that you can also relax and unwind inside your bathroom daily.

Mirrors and vanities: introducing a new sink can add much more space into your bathroom as well as solve a number of storage issues. Adding in a new mirror can also reflect natural light and give the illusion that your bathroom is much larger. A mirror and vanity set up can actually be quite a statement for your design and it can completely reconfigure your bathroom.

Contact NewRay Development today if you are interested in outfitting your luxury bath with any of these top improvements Our Bathroom Remodeling Services in Fairfax can help you get the best in luxury!