Basement ideas for improving the value of your home: Cosmetic and engineering changes you can make.

If you have an unused basement that is just a musty storage space, you may want to consider the idea of turning that unused spaced into a brand-new living room, bedroom or entertainment space within your home. Your unfinished basement could be an excellent way to unlock extra square footage and new value within your home. If you are considering working with a construction company like New Ray Development, here are a few of the top fixes that you can consider for your basement:

Making cosmetic changes: small cosmetic changes to an unfinished basement such as adding in drywall, insulation, fresh paint and windows can all be fantastic ways that you can improve your basement space without structural changes to the home. Adding in some new electric and lighting adjustments can even make for the perfect functional space for a home theatre and more.

New living space changes: building a separate unit in the basement can involve treating a new floor plan such as adding walls and legal requirements that you may need to start renting the basement. Dividing up the basement space to include items like a kitchen, bathroom or even a separate laundry room can mean a bit more engineering and work.

Creating a whole new basement structurally: With the help of some structural engineering you could create a brand-new flexible space below your home. Starting a basement from scratch or digging out a smaller basement can help to make sure that your foundation can be properly supported and that you can have access to a properly waterproofed and functional basement space. By working with a team that specializes in structural engineering and basement renovations, you can create a whole new space inside your home.

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