Cheap home repairs that could save you thousands


If you are in need of some home repairs or upgrades, one of the first things that many people do is turn to the phone book to find applicable contractor. What you might be interested to know is that there are a number of cheap home repairs that you can execute even without an advanced knowledge of construction. Here are a few cheap home repairs that you could take on that could save you thousands with the contractor:

Replacing or installing a water heater catch basin: older homes do not have a tray below the hot water heater which can prevent the hot water heater from leaking in an emergency. Installing one of these catch basins can be an excellent way that you can prevent damage to your home and it also a very inexpensive fix. For just $15 you can add extra piece of mind for your older home and prevent the chance that your hot water heater could potentially cause damage if it were to spring a leak.

Drywall replacement: If you have moldy or moist drywall areas, it can be very tempting to contact a drywall professional to rip out the affected area and patch it. When you just need a quick replacement after a kitchen spill or a patch job in your bathroom, drywall replacement is an easy fix. For around $300, you can get all of the tools that are necessary for drywall replacement and the patch job can be easy especially if you've kept some touch up paint around the house.

Insulating your home: installing new insulation can be a great way that you can reduce your utility bills. Insulation often requires replacement especially in spots like the attic where it can grow thin over time. Insulation can be an excellent cost savings throughout your home and it is a very inexpensive fix that can prevent drafts, improve soundproofing and more. For larger area like an attic, you could upgrade your installation for around $500 and just a few hours work. This is something the contractor might expect close to $1000 for.

Installing a new washer and dryer: The area where your water drains out from your washing machine is called a standpipe. There are many companies that offer installation as an extra when you purchase a washing machine. All you really need to complete this installation is installing a plastic wall insert and a hose. This is a quick fix that is commonly included in a $50 or more installation charge. The actual cost of installation if you take it on yourself is around seven dollars.

AC unit cleaning and inspection: regularly cleaning your home AC unit with a leaf blower can be an excellent way that you can remove a variety of debris from the inside of your unit and the filters. This is a great way to make sure that the unit is working at peak efficiency and it can help you save 15% or more on all of your home energy costs. If you already have a leaf blower, doing this each season is absolutely free. A number of heating and cooling places my charge as much as $100 for a service visit to complete the same cleaning and inspection.

While many of these top home tasks can be done inexpensively, if you feel as though you are in over your head with home renovations, contact the experts at NewRay Development. We can offer inexpensive home services for your needs!