6 Home Renovation mistakes that could cost you6 Home Renovation mistakes that could cost you

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If you are planning a home renovation, there are a number of mistakes that can eat into your budget and lead to extra expense. If you want to make sure you can avoid mistakes, it’s important to educate yourself about all of the potential problems that surround home renovations. Here are some of the top renovation mistakes that could end up costing you in the long run:

Renovating a home when you first get into it: If you purchase a home with the express intent to renovate it, it can often be difficult to understand the nature of the home and if it could work for you in its current format. If you start tearing down walls the second you move in, you may not know where the choke points in design may be or where you could introduce improvements for your lifestyle in that area. Living in the home can help you understand if you need soundproofing, better layout designs and more.

Choosing the lowest bid contractor: Choosing a contractor on the lowest bid could have you in a tough spot. Many contractors that are able to offer the lowest bid often end up skimping on materials, they are less experienced than they can't offer the same type of job that you would typically get from a more experienced company. Opting for a company that has a little more experience can often be a wiser choice.

Not asking enough questions: when interviewing a contractor or even picking out materials for a DIY renovation, you need to know how to spend your money accordingly. Ask as many questions as you need to about product quality, about the process of working with a contractor and more.

Setting a timeline: There are many renovation projects that simply end up half finished and people that end up living in homes which are in a constant state of construction. Rather than taking this risk, make sure that you get a timeline from your contractor or a way that you can set an end goal. Planning a reveal party or having a date in mind where you can enjoy the new space can act as a great incentive to get the job done on time.

Opting for lower quality or used building materials: When you decide to replace hardware was previously used building materials or opt for a lower quality of material, you could put your overall design and improvement at risk. Opt for new and recommended building materials only.

Not properly measuring: complete detailed measurements on each side of the room. Ordering product based on one side or assuming that every room in your home is going to be perfectly square/the same height could cost you especially with building materials. Pick an option where you can measure out every corner and aspect of your home so that nothing is missed.

Keep some of these top renovation mistakes in mind if you are planning an upcoming renovation with a contractor or working on your own home DIY style. Be sure to contact NewRay Development to prevent some of these top mistakes with your home renovation.



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