How To Find The Best Remodeling Company In Northern Virginia

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How To Find The Best Remodeling Company In Northern Virginia

Finding a good remodeling company can be tough, especially when it comes to your kitchen and bathroom. There are a few things you can do to make your life easier during this stressful time. Knowing your budget, looking at reviews, and asking about experience are a few key aspects that can make this task a little less daunting. 

Tips For Finding The Best Home Remodeling Services Near You

With this specific job, we are not just focusing on residential remodeling, but also in the northern Virginia area. Because the focus is on the DMV (Washington Metropolitan area) – that means two things: more available remodeling companies, yes, but also more competition because there is a higher population. A good first step, especially when dealing with a busy area such as the DMV, is to cast a “wide net.” What does this mean? Call any and everyone who says they are able to do residential remodeling. From there, you get a quote, and make note of their price compared with others. 

15 reasons to buy a home in Northern VA
home remodeling Northern VA

Understand Your Budget For Residential Remodeling

This brings us to our first tip: know your budget. Knowing your budget before you start to cast your net will allow you to know which ones to keep, and which to discard immediately. If you do not know your budget before casting your net, that is okay, because soon you will get varied prices from different companies and you will know who fits what you can afford and who does not. Whether you know your budget before you call companies, or after, do not waver on your budget because that is what works best for you. Companies have experience with and know that they must deal with a variety of different budgets when working with home renovations.

Now, you can focus more on your project at hand. Specific details factor into who you choose to renovate your home because you want them to be a professional in what you are needing done. Your kitchen and bathroom are two places in the house that are used the most often, so you do not want to take renovations lightly in these areas. It is important, so you want to make sure you hire someone who will do the job right. If one company has 15 years of experience in residential renovations of all kinds, but another company has 10 years of just bathroom and kitchen renovations, wouldn’t you choose the company who has more experience in the specific project you are looking for? I know I would.

Get Recommendations On Home Remodeling

So now that you have called and gotten quotes from home remodeling companies across the Washington Metro area that 1. Fit your budget and 2. Have experience, you now focus on reviews. Word of mouth is one of the biggest advertising methods for companies, and what other people have to say about them matters. By reading reviews, you get firsthand information about how that company was to work with, their responsiveness to communication, their rate, friendliness, job performance, reliability, and much more.

Reading Through Reviews

It is best to go through your list of companies who match your standards and start to read reviews. Any reviews you can find on a particular company are helpful because you want all of the knowledge you can possibly gain before you go and give them hundreds of dollars and allow them to come into your home. This step is critical because you want to hire someone who you are going to trust to do work in your home, but also someone that is going to take pride in their work, do a consistently good job, and communicate effectively with you while they do it.

Friends And Family

In addition to reading reviews, sometimes you will have friends, family, or even neighbors who have used that same company before and you do not even know. This is an excellent way to get an unbiased opinion about the company and can help you to make a proper informed decision before hiring someone for your home renovation project.

Conclusion: How To Find The Best Residential Remodeling Company In Northern VA

Overall, hiring a company to renovate your kitchen and bathroom can be tough -especially having to do it in the Washington Metro area, too. By making sure you know your budget, what companies are professionals regarding your specific project, and by reading reviews, it should make the process of residential renovations less stressful and more enjoyable.

The best residential remodeling company in Northern VA:

One of the best residential remodeling companies in Northern VA is NewRay Development. NewRay Development has a few locations. Take a look at their locations on this page here to learn more about their business:

You should now know how to find the best remodeling company in Northern Virginia and we wish you luck!

10 Reasons To Move To North Virginia

Northern VA Tysons VA

10 Great Reasons to Move to Northern Virginia 

Do you want 10 great reasons to move to North Virginia? Well, if you’re on the fence about moving to and buying a home in Northern Virginia then check out these ten great reasons to move to “NoVA”, as the locals love to call it.  Northern Virginia is comprised of various counties and cities that holds many opportunities for you.  In this article we will prove to you why moving to North Virginia should be the next item on your to-do list and we’ll reveal much more about this treasured location!

Northern VA Tysons VA
Tysons VA

Ten Reasons You Should Consider Moving To North Virginia

REASON 1: Fairfax

Let’s start off our list by naming some of the most notable cities in the region.  NoVa is home to the wonderful and historical city, Fairfax.  There are several fun and interesting events held in Fairfax annually, including the “Chocolate Lovers’ Fest”, “Irish Festival”, “Festival of Lights and Carols” and even “The Holiday Craft Show”.  Fairfax is also only a seventeen mile trip from Washington D.C., which has its own unique community and historical value!

REASON 2: Tysons

Let’s travel twenty minutes northeast of Fairfax to focus on Tysons (which is also considered McLean)!  Tysons, typically referred to as Tysons Corner, is a prime example of an ‘edge city’.  This means the city is a cluster of businesses, shops, and entertainment which means there is always something to do!  Some places worth highlighting in Tysons include the “One Capital Hall” theater, the “Tysons Corner Center” (the largest shopping mall in the region!), and “Boro” which adds to the city’s nightlife with several bars, restaurants, and recreational activities.  There are even options for those who like to be outdoors!  The “Raglan Road Park” and “Freedom Hill Park” both offer plenty of trails and open spaces for those who like to get fresh air and stay active.

Here’s a map so you can see more of the location of Tysons VA:

REASON 3: Geography

Now that we’ve reviewed those stunning cities, let’s move on to NoVa’s interesting geography!  There are four mountains including High Knob, Raven Rocks, and Hogback Mountain which are all components of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range that extends 615 miles.  The fourth mountain, Mary’s Rock, can be found in the  Shenandoah National Park.  There are also several rivers, including the Potomac River which is the fourth largest river on the East Coast, and the Occoquan River which is actually a tributary of the Potomac River.  Virginia is also home to several bays and wetlands, which makes this state perfect for any nature-lovers!

beautiful home in Tysons VA
beautiful home in Tysons VA

REASON 4: Local Businesses 

Of course it’s important to also consider what local businesses are accessible.  Thankfully Nova is home to a variety of businesses that can provide all the services that you need, and we’ll list a few examples to prove this!  If you’re interested in seeking counseling, then look no further than “Putnam Counseling”, located in Burke, VA.  If you want to plan a beautiful event, whether it’s for a birthday or wedding, you can go to “Emerald City Events” in Centreville.  If you need home remodeling contractors that specialize in kitchen remodeling, choose NewRay Development!

If you’re curious and would like to know more, search NoVa’s business directory to find more local businesses that may have just what you’re looking for!

REASON 5: Weather

Did you know that Virginia has a “Goldilocks” climate?  This means that the weather is not too hot and not too cold.  Virginia is actually categorized as a ‘humid, subtropical’ region, and the weather is considered generally mild.  So, if you also shudder at the thought of boiling in Florida or freezing in Alaska, then Virginia might be the state for you!

REASON 6: Entertainment

If you’re interested in a place where there is always something to do, then NoVa may be what you’re looking for.  As we mentioned in our first two points, there are plenty of things to do in this area of Virginia.  If you’re a history buff then you would love “George Washington’s Mount Vernon” and “The National Museum of the United States Army”.  If you’re interested in the arts you can go to “The Workhouse Art Center” and “Wolf Trap”.  And if you’re just looking to have some fun with your friends, check out “Bad Axe Throwing” a`2nd “Smash Pit”.  These are only some of the many amazing places you can find in NoVa!

REASON 7: Local Events

Another reason why you should consider moving to NoVa is that there are constantly new and interesting local events to attend!  This includes art festivals, concerts, tours of historical sights, farmers markets, and so many more!    

REASON 8: Education

For those who are still in school, or have children in school, you’re in luck!  Virginia is actually ranked the fourth best overall school system in our nation, and the third best for safety.  If you thought we were done, think again!  Virginia also ranked in the top five for the highest math test scores, and lowest bullying incident rate.  To be even more specific, Fairfax County Public Schools has continuously earned a spot on US News & World Reports’ list of “Top Schools in America”!

REASON 9: History

North Virginia is rich in history as it includes important landmarks and sites.  In this region of Virginia you can find the homes of some of our first Presidents, civil war battlefields and reenactments, the “Arlington National Cemetery”, and Underground Railroad markers.  These are only a few of the pieces of history of our country that you can experience only in North Virginia!

Northern VA
Northern VA

REASON 10: Retirement

Forget what you’ve heard about Florida, NoVa is the perfect place for those looking to retire!  Virginia is tax-free for those who are retired, there are living options for those who prefer the countryside, and it has the third lowest violent crime rate in the U.S.   

Conclusion: 10 Great Reasons To Move To North VA!

Finding your next home can be an overwhelming and stressful process, as there’s so many factors that come into play.  Moving to a new place can be a life-changing decision, and obviously you want to find somewhere that’s the right fit for you.  This is the type of decision that requires a lot of time, research, and effort.  

With this article, we hope some of that stress has been alleviated.  The next time you are looking for a new place to call your home, remember these ten great reasons why you should consider moving to Northern Virginia!

Who Is The Best Kitchen Remodeling Company In Tysons VA

who is the best Tysons kitchen remodeling company

Who Is the Best Kitchen Remodeling Company in Tysons VA?

You may be wondering who is the best kitchen remodeling company in Tysons VA. Well, Tysons Virginia is a unique area of Northern Virginia. It is also part of the DMV area (Washington Metropolitan Area).

Many businesses that operate in Tysons VA also operate in DC. For this reason it’s a hot spot for contracting businesses as there is a ton of work and some great residential remodeling opportunities in the local areas.

While there are many companies in Tysons Virginia, there is only one that can be termed the best kitchen remodeling company. We are going to talk about how you can find the best kitchen remodeling company in the Tyson Virginia area. We will also look at the best company to help you with your kitchen remodel project. Here we will discover who is the best kitchen remodeling contractor in Tysons VA!

How To Find the Best Kitchen Remodeling Company 

When it comes to your kitchen, you want nothing but the best. That is why we are going to take the time to talk to you about how you can find the most reputable and overall best kitchen remodeling company. We want you to feel confident in your decision. After all, it is your kitchen that is going to be in the hands of another person. Why not take the time to determine the best company and person to handle the job? 

There are many things that you can look for in a kitchen remodeling company. We are going to take a look at some of the most commonly looked at items when seeking a kitchen remodeling company. This guide should help you better determine what company will be best for you. 

best kitchen remodeling contractors Tysons VA
best kitchen remodeling contractors in Tysons VA

Look at the Company 

The first thing you want to determine is if the company is good at what they do. Are they primarily kitchen renovation contractors? Or are they also commercial contractors? You want to ensure that you are well cared for when you decide it is time to remodel your kitchen. 

A company that offers many different services may not be as well trained as those that offer fewer specialized services. For example, if a company only specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling that would be good. Both of those areas involve plumbing and essentially the same work. However, if a company advertises that they offer kitchen, bathroom, exterior, and interior remodeling; you may want to go to the next step. 

See If a Portfolio Is Available 

Nothing helps determine if you will hire a kitchen remodeling company than previous work. If the work done by the company previously is magnificent, then there is no reason you should not use them. 

However, if you are relying on the portfolio alone, you should think again. You should always ensure that the reviews and testimonials match the work that was done. 

Reviews and Testimonials

Many people want to hear from those who have previously used the company that you are looking at hiring. This is because these people have used the company and know if the pricing is fair, the work is good, and how the company is overall. 

Taking the time to ask or look at testimonials and reviews is important. This will allow you to determine how the company works. Plus, you may also be able to determine how the work holds up over time if you contact people who have used the company in the beginning. 

Word of Mouth 

If people have previously used a business and it was not good, you likely know about it. If you hear that a company has a bad reputation by word of mouth, investigate it. Not all companies have bad experiences, sometimes companies have bad clients. Always investigate before making decisions. 

best Tysons VA kitchen remodeling contractors
Tysons VA kitchen remodeling contractors

How Long Has the Company Been in Business?

This is a question you should make sure to find out before you hire someone or a company to remodel your kitchen. A new company may not have the best record or portfolio yet. They also may not have the experience that a company that has been in business for several years has either. 

Keep in mind that this is not a critical factor. However, it is one that should be considered. If the company excels and checks out in every aspect except this one, it likely is okay to continue with that company. Keep in mind that most of the time this is not the case. 

Ensure the Business is Licensed 

You want to ensure that the company you choose to remodel your kitchen must be insured. If they are not insured and something happens, you could pay a large amount of money to fix the problem. 

You want to make sure that they have all the right certifications and licensing to be doing the jobs they are doing. One of the biggest things to ensure is that the company has insurance. Insurance is a huge must when proceeding with any project such as a remodel. 

Determine Your Needs 

You want a company that can work with you. Taking the time to know that the company understands what you are asking of them is important. You want a company that knows what they are talking about. 

Always be sure to sit down and talk to the company before you hire them. This will open your mind about many things. Including how they treat potential clients. If they do not treat you properly, you likely do not want to hire them for a job that will happen in your home. 


In order to find the best kitchen remodeling company in Tysons, you must have a consultation. If you find a company that you like, set up a consultation. Consultations are almost always free. If they are not free it may be time to consider a new company. 

During your consultation, you should determine how much your budget is and what you want done. There are many things that can be done during a kitchen remodel. Take the time to discuss what you want done. Ask how long it should take the company to finish the job and what the estimated cost will be. 

If at any time during a consultation you do not feel that the job can be completed properly, do not hire the company. If you find any red flags within a company, ensure that you point them out. Make sure that you ask questions. 

Finding the Best Kitchen Remodeling Company in Tysons Virginia

Now that you have finished your consultation, you likely have found a kitchen remodeling company that is best for you. If you found NewRay Development, congratulations. You have found the best kitchen remodeling company in Tysons.

You may be wondering how we know this is the best kitchen remodeling company. Well, they pass every check we have made above. 

NewRay Development Of Tysons VA

NewRay Development takes the time to understand what their potential customers want. They are not looking to make a quick dollar. The employees at this company take pride in their work and want the clients to be happy with their newly remodeled kitchen. 

Location of NewRay Development In Tysons Corner VA:

NewRay Development is located at address 7777 Leesburg Pike, Suite 3LN, Falls Church, VA 22043 or 10306 Eaton PI, STE 300, Fairfax,VA 22030. Take a look at their business location below!

NewRay has taken the time to have testimonials right there on their website for you to view. You do not even have to take the time to call previous clients. Everything you can ask for is on their website. Plus, they offer free consultations. Why is NewRay Development the Best? 

NewRay Development takes the time to ensure that each project is overseen. This means that the company works on your kitchen until the job is done. You have the same people on the job when you start the project as when you finish. This ensures that the work is high-quality and done properly. The person who starts an item will finish it. 

NewRay Development will take the time to use their decade of experience to ensure that the project is done properly. With over a decade of experience, clients can rest easy knowing that their kitchen is in great hands. Plus, the employees are confident because they do have so many years of experience. The goal of the company is to add value to the home you are in. Plus, the company is not afraid of large challenging kitchens. NewRay will tackle almost any challenge that heads their way. 

NewRay has decades of experience which means that there are many people who have used their services. Kitchen remodeling is a major aspect of their business. Many people who have used it have nothing but good things to say about NewRay Development. You can see the testimonials right on NewRay’s website. 

NewRay Development takes pride in working efficiently and ensuring that your project is done to the best of a contractor’s abilities. NewRay Development takes each stage of your kitchen renovation is important and they understand that. NewRay takes the time to ensure that every step is done right and properly. This will ensure that the job is done quickly and properly without any issues. 

Conclusion: Who Is The Best Kitchen Remodeling Company In Tysons VA

Taking the time to figure out how to find the best kitchen remodeling company is important. However, taking the time to find the one to fit your needs is essential. Learn everything you can about the company you are looking to hire. Ensure that they can provide you with what you are looking for. 

NewRay Development is a great option because they are some of the best contractors in the business. They have the expertise needed to remodel your kitchen properly and perfectly. They are the ones who will ensure that the process is done to your standards. After all, you are adding value to your home. If you are in the Tysons area and need a kitchen remodel by the best kitchen remodeling company in Tysons, contact NewRay Development. 

We hope you now understand who is the best kitchen remodeling company in Tysons VA and we wish you all the best!